K 50

The liquid cleaning agent WESSOCLEAN K 50 is used in water hygiene. Stagnant water, e.g., in service and industrial water basins, gets germy especially at warm temperatures. This is where malodours and strong microbial contamination due to biofilms occur. If pipes, conduits, and containers are not regularly maintained, the water tilts and begins to smell rotten. Hygienically perfect water is the cornerstone for many different manufacturing processes in industry.

In the printing industry, WESSOCLEAN K 50 is dosed to maintain water circulation in the offset printing process. In the agricultural industry, the product neutralises germinated, contaminated wells and pipes. Public utilities use WESSOCLEAN K 50 specifically to improve water quality and remove algae in their public wells and water systems. In the glass industry, WESSOCLEAN K 50 ensures constant quality in cooling water basins.

Depending on the volume and degree of soiling, WESSOCLEAN K 50 is dosed to be able to remove organic deposits, biofilms, and odours quickly and reliably.

WESSOCLEAN K 50 has a lasting effect and prevents microbial settlement and the formation of new biofilms. WESSOCLEAN K 50 is the ecological solution for the effective cleaning of water‐bearing systems such as bottling plants, water‐bearing conveyor belts, washing lines, pipelines, containers, pumps, filtration plants and wells.

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